John Archer Penguin LIVE (Tutorial)

“John Archer is charming, disarming and easy to like.” - The Scotsman, Edinburgh Festival

“John Archer is the exception to the myriad of foul-mouthed, offensive contemporaries. Eschewing political satire and sexist smut, he makes his mark with more traditional throwaway gags, a smidgen of music and teasingly inventive magic tricks.” - The List, Edinburgh Festival
What will he teach?

Pushing the Envelope A clean billet idea using just one billet and one envelope.

Blank Night John's clean Bank Night routine that fooled Penn & Teller.

John's Tossed Out Deck Routine A solid funny routine with a versatile move for other effects.

Laura Buxton Coincidence A coincidence effect with cute story attached.

Komedy Killer John's comedy take on Kenton Knepper's wonderful effect.

John will also cover comedy scripting and writing tips...

Video Demo

John Archer Penguin LIVE (Tutorial)