Astronomical by Peter Turner (Tutorial)

Peter Turner is a mind-reading genius, and he can't help RAVING about this trick.

He loves it so much, that after filming was over, Peter seriously went out later the same night and just.. continued performing it!! No joke, he performed it literally every chance he got.

The reason for all the love is simple: It always works, it uses nothing but words and imagination, and the reactions are incredible. No pens, no paper.. just talking.

Possibly even more powerful is the fact that this presentation is all about astrology. If you've never gotten performed mentalism with star-signs and fortunes, BUCKLE UP... the reactions can get wild.

PROFESSIONALS: What you'll learn in this hour-long tutorial is way more than just a secret. Peter's gift is making mind-reading feel real. The touches he adds to the readings themselves are invaluable. You'll see uncut performances for real people, a careful explanation in the studio, and afterwards Peter goes in depth over pitfalls and opportunities as well as how to take advantage of them LIKE A PRO.

Astronomical by Peter Turner (Tutorial)