Tarbell 64: Oriental Magic (Tutorial)

Tarbell's Mysterious Firecrackers:
A rather silly children's trick gets transformed into a much sillier, and more amazing, routine suitable for an adult comedy club audience.

Kolar's Balloon and Silks:
The simple addition of a balloon and some confetti gives the standard silk vanish an added pop on its re-appearance.

Ching-A-Ling Chinese Lantern Production:
You'll learn how to build an innocent-looking box to produces a whole party, filling your stage with fun... with a little help from your friends.

The Hindu Mango Tree Growth: Learn how to make fantastic looking plants that can be produced on stage.

Tarbell's Hindu Plant Growth: A surprising production of a palm tree.

Comedy Flower Growth: Produce a plant that can visualy grow on stage.

Tarbell 64: Oriental Magic (Tutorial)