Suzanne Penguin LIVE (Tutorial)

"Suzanne has a kind of cool, sweet authority that assures and audience that they are in the hands of a real pro." - Teller

"Suzanne is a force of nature, and the definition of a working performer who has 'walked the walk.' If you are serious about the performance of magic in the real world, listen to this woman." - David Regal

"Suzanne is one of my favorites performers for lay audiences. I'd listen to anything she has to to say about magic.....carefully!" - Eric Jones

"Suzanne has the amazing ability to let her audience shine and become the star. This is something rarely seen in magic and is a departure from the "look at me" style magic that we so often see. This is something to study and understand but also to enjoyed." - Brent Braun

As one of the foremost performers in Restaurant Magic, Suzanne will share with you many tips and tricks on how to get the resident performing positions. She has advice to give that can only come after decades of experience. She will also teach you some of her favorite effects that have helped her achieve success in her career.

Don't miss this exclusive evening of opportunities and playfulness with Suzanne!

Suzanne Penguin LIVE (Tutorial)