Coin On Call by Aljaz Son (Tutorial)

Ok, so even though this trick hadn't been published yet, it's already gotten SERIOUS attention from pros like Jeff Prace who perform it daily. It allows you to borrow a coin from your friend, and completely blow their mind... TWICE.

1. First, you do something impossible. Make a borrowed coin change inside THEIR hands.

2. Then, you do something UNIMAGINABLE. A photo that you took on THEIR phone, BEFORE THE TRICK EVEN STARTED, changes all by itself!

You'll actually learn 2 great ways to perform this miracle. One version uses a gimmick (that you'll receive). The other version actually involves a couple minutes of prep, but otherwise no gimmicks!

PROFESSIONALS: This is a super-fooling crowd pleaser that leaves your spectators with a cool souvenir to remember you by. This could easily be your new favorite go-to trick.

"One of my favorite tricks" -Jeff Prace

Video Demo

Coin On Call by Aljaz Son (Tutorial)