Behind the Illusions by JC Sum & "Magic Babe" Ning (Tutorial)

In this groundbreaking DVD set, learn the design, performance and approach to modern stage illusions through one of the top illusion teams in the world.

If you ever wanted to learn how to approach illusion performing, designing and producing, this DVD is a must-have.

J C Sum & 'Magic Babe' Ning, "Asia's Most Famous Illusionists" (The Straits Times), take you behind their illusions and share their experience & expertise by analyzing 10 cutting edge illusions in live performance.

This is not an illusion method explanation video but J C & Ning offer a comprehensive overview to stage illusions that will be invaluable to stage magicians & illusionists of ALL levels.

The duo covers illusions of different sizes and scale to illustrate various learning points, highlight design elements and shed insight on illusion techniques, motivation and philosophy of performing illusions for today's audience.

As a bonus, for the first time ever, J C & Ning will share behind the scenes information on one of their live mega illusions, "The Aerial Exit".

Information shared in Behind the Illusions include:
Illusion Performance Approaches & Tips
Stage Movement & Blocking for Illusions
Working with an Assistant/ Partner
Making Illusions Unique through design and/ or presentation
Illusion Design Approach & Philosophy
Illusion Building Tips
Thoughts on Overly Performed Illusions
Illusions - to buy or to build?
Choosing the right illusions
Illusions with Multiple Uses
Recycling Illusions
Lighting Enhancement for Illusions
Illusion Cloth Handling
Casing Illusions - Managing space, weight, time and efficiency through illusion breakdown design.
Resources for Illusionists
Illusion Reference/ Credits & HistoryIllusions used to illustrate teachings include:

Crystal Metamorphosis
Crystal Appearance
Smoke Chamber
Human Light Tunnel* / Shadow Vision*
Light & Space
Theatre of Shadows*
Modern Art*
360 Sawing*

Video Demo

Behind the Illusions by JC Sum & "Magic Babe" Ning (Tutorial)