Rubber Bang! by Sean Young (Tutorial)

 With nothing but a deck of cards and a rubber band, you can dazzle your audience ! While perfect as effects in their own right, the material on this DVD is an excellent choice for transitioning between card magic and rubber band magic.

With Rubber Bang, Sean Yang makes his magical DVD debut to teach you how to do all of this AND MORE. Each trick comes with complete step-by-step instructions, down to such basics as how to select rubber bands and perform a controlled shuffle, so that even the most novice magician will be able to pull these tricks out of his hat in no time flat. The DVD also includes mock performances by Sean Yang himself, so you can see each trick in the hands of an expert magician before putting it in to action on your own. No need to worry about coming up with a new performance script!

With Rubber Bang by Sean Yang, acquiring a new array of energetic and engaging tricks... is a SNAP!

9 Amazing Effects using Rubber Bands and Playing Cards


    Shuffle and Control


    Yang Gun
    G Spot
    Snap Shoot
    Just Blow
    Sy Pyramid
    Bang! Bang! Bang!


    Sy Change

Video Demo

Rubber Bang! by Sean Young (Tutorial)