Kevin James Penguin LIVE (Tutorial)

What will he teach?

Dagger and Rope
This is a super clean and clever cut and restored rope using a very intimidating dagger.

Perrier with a Twist
A staple of Kevin’s close up show. It is a multi-phase coin in bottle routine that is especially great for strolling restaurant work. This is the real work for the worker.

The Knots
Kevin shows a rope, holds it outward, does a spin and there are 5 knots tied in the rope.

Tennis Court
Kevin will explain how to produce 15 people on an open tennis court! He will also discuss the process how he found the idea.

KJ Newspaper Tear
This nugget came from a contest act Kevin created years ago. The paper is torn, a piece is accidentally dropped, the paper is restored, the missing piece matches! Most stop there. Kevin rubs the piece on the hole and it visibly restores and Kevin hands out the paper as a souvenir!

The Floating Rose
This is a signature piece of Kevin’s. Kevin is currently in the big touring show called The Illusionists. The Floating Rose is one of the most talked about routines in the show in the reviews. Kevin taught this to David Copperfield many years ago and David continues to do it in his show even now. A paper napkin is crumpled into a ball. It dances on Kevin’s hand and arm. He gives the power to a little girl to be able to make it dance too. He twists the napkin into a paper rose. It floats inches from the girl. He lights it on fire as it floats and it bursts into a ball of fire. Kevin reaches into the flame and it has changed into a real rose!!! He gives it to the girl as a souvenir. Life is good.

Rose Oil
This is a subtle and clever way to make a paper flower smell exactly like a real rose. Don’t underestimate this one.

Floating Rose Dispenser
This is the commando version of dispensing IT that Kevin uses every night onstage. This has been created through years of trial and error.

Invisible Thread Theory
Kevin has some thoughts on this wonderful assistant called invisible thread. Flying. Perform fickle nickel – no explanation

Water Bottle Dispenser
This is a great way to dispense IT is a real world situation, like at a picnic.

This is a very useful and funny gag from Mark Kornhauser. The MC or comedy magician shows a bent fork and talks a little about the famous Uri Geller. He explains that he can do much better. He puts the fork away and shows an empty Coke can. He proceeds to crush the can with only the powers of his mind. Then is that was not enough, he unbends the can the same way!!!

The Mental Effect
Kevin tosses out a brick to the audience. Eventually one person is chosen to be for sure not a stooge. Kevin pumps him for information. He then shows an envelope that has been hanging in full view the entire show. It is taken down and opened only to find a second sealed envelope. Inside that is a large piece of paper with a sentence that correctly predicted what the audience member would say!!! Now you don’t have to carry around a huge chalkboard.

The Cast Appearance
Kevin has found a new technique for some amazing illusions. One of them he will explain. It will allow you to produce 6 people instantly on a very thin table!!! Kevin made this to produce his cast at the end of his show for his bows.

The Duck Decapitation
One of the more shocking effects Kevin has invented. This one will get you more gigs.

Fork in Eye and Parmesan Cheese
There are two quick gags that are a lot of fun to do in a restaurant with your friends.

Water in Ear
This is a funny little gag that came from the brilliant Karrell Fox. You invite a kid on stage. Get him to take a drink of water. You look in his ear and proceed to blow a stream of water out his other ear. Hopefully hitting the other kids sitting on the floor.

Costume Change and Curtain
This is something Kevin came up with years ago for a contest act. It was in storage for many years and recently he brought it back into service for The Illusionists show. It gets a very strong reaction. He gave this effect to Rudy Coby years ago and Rudy turned it into his World’s Most Dangerous Card Trick effect. Kevin’s curtain design is also very interesting.

Animated Card thru Balloon of Death
You perform a simple card in balloon effect for your audience. You then teach them exactly how you did it. But then they are shown how to get out of a certain difficult situation and they are left even more baffled when the card visibly penetrates the inflated balloon and animates.

The Knot Tube
Kevin will discuss his project with Gaetan Bloom called Full Bloom. It is a new two volume set of Gaetan’s ideas that is nearly 750 pages. He will demonstrate this trick from the book.

Video Demo

Kevin James Penguin LIVE (Tutorial)