Sealed by Menny Lindenfeld (Tutorial)

SEALED looks like real magic. If you think the visual looks incredible, wait until you see the gimmick! Menny's a genius." -DYNAMO

SEALED™ allows you to perform insanely-visual, miniature card-in-window type of effects with various small and verifiable objects (signed cards or bills, coins, business cards etc.)

Pull the cellophane wrap halfway off of a box, then perform a visually stunning matter-through-matter MIRACLE by causing the SIGNED object to VISIBLY PENETRATE the hanging (transparent) cellophane:

Magically toss a singed card through any of the transparent cellophane panels!

With the signed folded card resting on top of the out-jogged cellophane, cause it to VISIBLY FALL THROUGH the top panel!

Have the card on a spectator's open palm and without touching it, SNATCH IT away with the hanging cellophane - The signed folded card will VISIBLY JUMP into the cellophane from the spectator's own hand!

You can shake the card about, and let the spectator verify it is indeed his/her signature on the card inside! You can hand out both the cellophane and card as a souvenir!

    Super visual effect

    Self-contained gimmick*

    Use signed cards, coins, bills & more

    Only one minute to set up

    Use your own favorite deck brand

    Cellophane & card are fully examinable

    Gimmick comes in custom designed, easy-to-assembly parts

Video Demo

Sealed by Menny Lindenfeld (Tutorial)